Our Vision

    • The best people:

People come first at KMK Chemicals, which is why we only have the best. KMK Chemicals is the most desired place to work in pharmaceutical chemicals manufacturing & distribution and our healthy work-life balance where employees can comfortably unfold their potentials while enjoying their free time, is an example for others to follow.

    • The best local champion:

We are the preferred partner of our local customers. They know that we are always there for them with an accessible, highly knowledgeable and capable team of technologists and sales professionals. Together we grow, create value and make a difference.

    • The best service:

We offer the highest efficiency and effectiveness in the services we provide. With a one-stop-shop for all customers, our best-in-class team of technical and market professionals are always ready to help, right where they are. Our services deliver the competitive edge our customers are looking for.

    • The best products:

We partner up with only the best principals. For us this means the real game changers: suppliers who have the courage, passion and insight to come up with truly innovative solutions. We partner up with those who can deliver the quality and cutting-edge technology our customers’ need to make a difference. Our relationships with principals are solid and built on trust. All this is portrayed in our vision for 2025. It is what will make us “The Supplier Of Choice” to Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in our region.


Our Mission

  • To provide the best-in-class service in the supply of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Finished Dosage Forms to our customers,

  • For us, being the best service provider means closing the circle of delivering the products for our customers’ entire value chain,

  • To achieve this, we identify the products that are missing in our portfolio and we either produce them or target the right principals that offer the right products with the right qualities.

  • Then, our highly skilled staff help customers formulate innovations that meet the most stringent of market demands. With this, not only do we continually improve our own offering and skills, we also help our customers become and remain market leaders in their respective areas.

News Letter
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